“Our Top Ten Strangest Things Found On The Internet”

The team at That’s Strange compiled a list of the top ten strangest things we have ever come across on the internet. Throughout our research for our episodes we often come across things that are bizarre, unsettling, and sometimes down right mind-blowing.

That’s Strange Podcast takes a deep dive every week into some of the strangest, most controversial topics – available anywhere you get your podcasts. That’s Strange has been rated 5/5 stars in Apple Podcasts since we started in July of 2020. Our content continues to push the envelope every week, and we thrive on the response from our listeners. Please consider tuning in on Thursdays!

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Listen to our newest episode, “Our Top Ten Strangest” right now or check us out in your preferred podcast player.

In our blog, we take the information we gathered for the episode and lay it out for you to explore. We also post some exclusive updates from time-to-time that you won’t find on our social media. Please consider following to support and get updates on blog posts!

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