Alex and Chad sat down recently to dive into Project Bluebird, also known as MKUltra. The top secret experiments executed by the United States in the years following World War II. Ryan was unfortunately unable to join us for this exciting episode. The boys breakdown the origins of the project as well as some of […]

Following the popularity of our Top Ten Strangest episode last season, we decided to compile another list to sit down and discuss. With each member of That’s Strange bringing their own topics to the show, we sat down to learn and discuss some of the most bizarre stories we could come across. Compiling some requested […]

We are super excited to announce, That’s Strange has officially joined Downright Creepy and //Crickets Podcast Network. Downright Creepy handles all things horror with a dash of pop culture. From movie and video game reviews to weekly podcasts. We feel that Downright Creepy is the perfect fit for That’s Strange and we couldn’t be happier […]

The penultimate episode of That’s Strange’s Season 2 has just dropped. The boys sit down to discuss the Winchester Mystery House. The widow of firearm tycoon William Winchester started construction on this massive and bizarre structure following several tragedies in her life. Her husband passed away from tuberculosis, while her infant daughter passed away from […]

Alex and Ryan sat down today to break the news that we’ve been waiting for. Earlier today Zodiac Killer Facts broke a story that the long unsolved Z340 cipher had in fact been cracked. Unfortunately Chad is in Southeast Asia, hot on the case of That’s Strange’s next topic., so he was unable to join […]