That’s Strange dove into John Wayne Gacy for our season three finale. The incredible story of how an every day man became a monster. From his abusive childhood to the terror he forced on his thirty three victims. If you aren’t already scared of clowns, there is a good chance you will be following this […]

Welcome to Strange Theatre, the newest show from the crew at That’s Strange. As you’ve learned over the course of our three seasons, we absolutely love movies. Back during one of our live shows we asked if you guys would like to see us taking on the film industry in some capacity. From Ryan and […]

With Chad missing this weeks recording, Ryan and Alex sat down to have a freeform discussion on whatever they ended up bringing to the table. Your guess is as good as mine! Hop over to wherever you listen to your podcasts to start listening to this special unscripted episode of ‘That’s Strange’. Click here to listen […]

That’s Strange recently did a live episode on the Maywand District murders, the case shown in the documentary ‘The Kill Team’. The tragic story made national news, as the Army arrested twelve of its own members for various crimes committed on deployment to Afghanistan. Five of those soldiers were arrested with serious charges including but […]

That’s Strange sat down to discuss Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, in an episode that branched out to include several other abandoned amusement parks as well as the infamous Action Park. We go over the origins of the park, from the grounds dark and bloody history to the parks eventual closer. We also briefly break down […]

The crew at That’s Strange sat down recently to rehash a segment from a previous episode. Our Top Ten Hauntings episode saw us briefly touch at the horrors hidden behind the doors of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. We decided to bring that topic back to the table and we took a much […]