Elon musk recently announced that the first live demo of his brain chip company Neuralink will show off its tech Friday August 28th. The almost unlimited capabilities of this implant are remarkable. From reversing damage done by a stroke or other brain injuries to learning a new languages with just a software update. Musk has […]

We are extremely excited to announce that this weeks episode will take a deep dive into Bob Lazar and the fascinating stories he has told! From secret government facilities to reverse engineering extraterrestrial technologies, Lazar has made some extraordinary claims. We cannot wait until you all hear our take on Lazar as we unpack his […]

Hey guys, Just wanted to give a quick update, our Mandela episodes are live and we are thrilled for you to listen! Having the opportunity to interview Stasha Eriksen for this episode gave us the ability to mold a fantastic informative episode! We would like to thank Stasha for helping us take a deep dive […]

Hey guys, Just finished up our final draft for our “The Mandela Effect” episode. We are super excited to get this episode recorded and thrilled Author Stasha Eriksen will be joining us! Just wanted to give a quick update and drop a link for an interesting article I found during the research. This article discusses […]

Starting our research for our next episode on The Mandela Effect! We are excited to have special guest Stasha Eriksen with us this week! Stasha is the author of The Mandela Effect: Everything is Changing. She will be joining us along with our new host Ryan for his first official episode. Ryan joined us for […]