The Kill Team Episode is Live

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That’s Strange recently did a live episode on the Maywand District murders, the case shown in the documentary ‘The Kill Team’. The tragic story made national news, as the Army arrested twelve of its own members for various crimes committed on deployment to Afghanistan. Five of those soldiers were arrested with serious charges including but not limited to premeditated murder. How could this all have happened? Come with us as we break down all the small details of the crimes they were accused of committing. Most stories that come out of the Central Asian country involve patriotism, heroics, and the sheer will of the men and women sent on deployment, but this story is a beast all its own. In the end this is a story about the crimes committed by the platoon and the leadership that fanned the flames.

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-That’s Strange

Some of the images discussed in the episode

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Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs
See the source image
Gibbs Skull Tattoos
See the source image
Specialist Jeremy N. Morlock
See the source image
Private First Class Justin Stoner. Army evidence of bruising

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