Presenting: Strange Theatre Our Newest Podcast

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Welcome to Strange Theatre, the newest show from the crew at That’s Strange. As you’ve learned over the course of our three seasons, we absolutely love movies. Back during one of our live shows we asked if you guys would like to see us taking on the film industry in some capacity. From Ryan and Chad’s small segments inside of our normal episodes, we learned that as much as we love movies, we also love talking about them. Strange Theatre is the natural progression of those smaller segments but taken in a slightly different direction.

The premise of our newest show is a fairly simple one. We pick out a movie, start up a watching party, and record commentary overtop of the movie we’ve chosen. So, you get all of our hilarious reactions, fun facts about whichever movie we have chosen, as well as all the Alex impersonations you can handle.

To break down exactly how this new show is best experienced, we will break it down nice and simply for you; simply load up the movie that we have chosen, pop on our episode and wait until we give you the countdown to hit play, and listen to our episode without any speed adjustments or silence removal. It really couldn’t be simpler!

On this inaugural edition of ‘Strange Theatre’ we dive into the 2014 Patrick Brice film ‘Creep’.

Image result for creep 2014

Head over to That’s Strange to keep up to date with everything we have brewing.

If you want to suggest a topic for our show or a movie you’d like us to watch for ‘Strange Theatre’ head over to our Facebook.

-That’s Strange

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