Our MKUltra Episode is Live

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Alex and Chad sat down recently to dive into Project Bluebird, also known as MKUltra. The top secret experiments executed by the United States in the years following World War II. Ryan was unfortunately unable to join us for this exciting episode. The boys breakdown the origins of the project as well as some of the conspiracies tied to these horrifying experiments. There is obviously no shortage of jokes along the way and as always some of Alex’s accents come out to play. We hope you guys enjoy this weeks episode and we look forward to hearing your input on what really happened. I will leave some links below for videos we discussed during the episode. Also don’t forget to check out Downright Creepy! We have been loving our partnership so far and we know our fans are as well! If you’re ready to listen to our newest episode click here!

Videos discussed in the episode

Wendy Williams Passes Out

Shaq Freezes on Live TV

Al Rokers Frozen Pose

Hillary Clinton Spits Mystery Items into Glass

Stay tuned to That’s Strange for everything we have coming up! We are cooking something up that we are all very excited for, we know you will be too! We will be revealing what’s next for us within the coming weeks!

-That’s Strange

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