Top Ten Strangest Vol. 2 is live

5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 28 | Funk's House of Geekery

Following the popularity of our Top Ten Strangest episode last season, we decided to compile another list to sit down and discuss. With each member of That’s Strange bringing their own topics to the show, we sat down to learn and discuss some of the most bizarre stories we could come across. Compiling some requested topics with some freshly farmed ones the crew at That’s Strange narrowed down the list. Below you can find our topics from the episode as well as links to everything we discussed.

All the links for everything we discussed can be found below. But before you head down there take some time to checkout our Patreon.

Links to some references used in the episode

  1. Free Britney
  1. Lalibela Church Ethiopia
  1. ONACTOI/Sunke Temple Trust
  1. Simpsons Predictions
  1. Loretto Staircase
  1. Local 58
  1. Mr112Dirtbag
  1. SoJoanna Book
  1. Coral Castle
  1. Elsagate

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That’s Strange

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