Snowden: Behind The Leak is live

Edward Snowden | Biography & Facts | Britannica

Come with us as we jump into the story of Edward Snowden. Former contractor with the National Security Agency and one of the biggest whistleblowers in American History. Alex, Chad and Ryan sit down to discuss the highlights of his life. From his early days in special forces training until he began hiding from a government that he betrayed. Whether you believe he is a traitor or a patriot one thing is for sure, his story is straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Aliases, secret meetings, hidden codes, and a government caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Thank you all for checking in and we hope you enjoy this weeks episode! Hopefully you learn a couple things about Snowden and maybe realize that he’s not the traitor he’s painted out to be! Follow us over on Facebook to stay up to date one everything we have going on! Also if you just can’t get enough of the strange, controversial, or things that make you think head over to our brand new Facebook group! We have amazing moderators and fans who post somethings all throughout the day! You never know something you see may turn into our next episode!

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