Heavens Gate: Cult Series Part 2 is Live!

Heaven's Gate - How and When It May Be Entered

Continuing our long dive into religious cults, we are super excited to release our Heavens Gate episode. Ryan picked out one of, if not the most, bizarre story you will ever hear on That’s Strange. Ryan sits down with us to discuss Heavens Gate and everything the out of this world story has to offer. Head over here to watch the first part Heavens Gate “Initiation” video. Marshall Applewhite discusses what Heavens Gate is all about. Heavens Gate Official Website is still operating to this day, even after the tragic end to this story. 39 members lost their lives in March of 1997. Let us take you down the rabbit hole with us and explain exactly how everything played out. This has undoubtedly been one of the most fun episodes we have ever recorded! Don’t forget that we have also officially launched our Patreon! Head over and check out all the exclusive content we are offering. All of our other links can be found right here! We would love to hear from you all and would be thrilled if you could leave us a review over on Apple Podcasts! Stay tuned for our third and final part of our Cult Series as Alex mixes up a big batch of Kool-aid for us as we dive deep into Jonestown.

Thanks again for all the amazing support.


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