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Amazon.com: Watch Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers | Prime Video

We are extremely excited to announce that this weeks episode will take a deep dive into Bob Lazar and the fascinating stories he has told! From secret government facilities to reverse engineering extraterrestrial technologies, Lazar has made some extraordinary claims. We cannot wait until you all hear our take on Lazar as we unpack his truly spectacular story. We will be discussing his story in depth from beginning to end while interjecting our opinions on these otherworldly stories. The 61 year old physicist has a proven track record of revealing “classified” information before it eventually becomes unclassified. If you have ever looked up at the stars at night and questioned if we are alone in this universe, this is your episode! Come with us down this rabbit hole and we assure you, you will not come out the same! Thank you all for checking in and look for our Bob Lazar episode Monday August 17th where ever you get your podcasts! Click here to find our previous episodes and social media accounts! We are always looking for ideas on future episodes so if you have a topic you would love to hear us discuss then please contact us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know!


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