Episode 4 coming together

Starting our research for our next episode on The Mandela Effect! We are excited to have special guest Stasha Eriksen with us this week! Stasha is the author of The Mandela Effect: Everything is Changing. She will be joining us along with our new host Ryan for his first official episode. Ryan joined us for our live POD vCON episode where we discussed EVP’s and a bone chilling story. We are excited to have Ryan as part of our team moving forward. He brings past podcasting experience with him as well as an abundance of tech knowledge. Ryan will formally introduce himself in a future post. As we start to hit the ground running we will be frequently posting here with updates, interesting reads, and sneak peeks at upcoming releases. I will leave you with a couple of articles from the early stages of the research into The Mandela effect for anyone who wants to brush up on their knowledge of the subject before listening to our full episode!

You guys are amazing!


Take a look at these articles!



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