3 Days Until We RELEASE Our New Episode + Some Tips On Marketing Your Podcast and Building Relationships

Alex from That’s Strange checking in for a quick update and daily post.

So we are 3 days from releasing our 2nd episode which will be talking about The Mandela Effect! We are so excited to share our 2nd episode with everyone and continue to engage with our listeners. Today I’m going to share a little bit about how we manage our podcast and the roles Chad and I play in order to effectively curate podcasts weekly with busy schedules.

Chad is a great writer and researcher. He loves writing and organizing thoughts and facts into a easily-digestible format that blends perfectly into a podcast. This allows me to manage the social media and market the show to media sources and blogs. I am also able to reach out to listeners and engage better than I would be able to if we weren’t splitting roles. I recommend to any podcast that you should always share roles and play on each other’s strengths.

Communication is also key to having a great podcast that will thrive and grow with the listener. Not just between hosts when planning and sharing ideas, but always engage with your followers and make sure they know they are part of the process. Relationship-building is just as important as the podcast itself.

As we continue to make content, we encourage every one of our listeners to reach out and share your ideas with us. Be our friends, and grow with us! Again, we are so thankful for the support and love we have been shown in our short beginnings as a podcast and can’t wait to see how we grow as people and creators in the future. Follow us on Facebook @thatsstrangepodcast to stay updated on all things strange and get notified when we post new shows by checking us out on Apple Podcasts

You guys are the best! Until next time.


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