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  • Season Three Finale Out Now
    That’s Strange dove into John Wayne Gacy for our season three finale. The incredible story of how an every day man became […]
  • Strange Theatre: Eli is Live
    Welcome to Strange Theatre, the newest show from the crew at That’s Strange. As you’ve learned over the course of our three […]
  • Our Newest Episode Out Now
    With Chad missing this weeks recording, Ryan and Alex sat down to have a freeform discussion on whatever they ended up bringing […]
  • The Kill Team Episode is Live
    That’s Strange recently did a live episode on the Maywand District murders, the case shown in the documentary ‘The Kill Team’. The […]
  • Our Latest Episode is live
    That’s Strange sat down to discuss Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, in an episode that branched out to include several other abandoned amusement […]
  • Week Off: Revisit Our Bob Lazar Episode from Season One
    That’s Strange took a much needed week off this week. While there won’t be a brand-new episode this week, fear not. We […]